Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
October 2007
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Raychem-brand URHT heat-shrinkable tubing is flame retardant, black, crosslinked polyolefin tubing with an ultrahigh shrink ratio. While many heat-shrinkable tubing products offer shrink ratios from 2:1 to 4:1, URHT tubing shrinks at an 8:1 ratio. With a high shrink ratio, the product is suitable for applications where the tubing must conform to an oddly shaped substrate or fit over large objects like connectors and other components that are found in electrical wiring harnesses. For many connector and cable repair applications, the tubing allows repairs to be made without depinning the connector. In addition to the applications in wiring- harness repair, the tubing can also be used to insulate electronic components and other electrical assemblies and devices. Furthermore, the tubing is suitable for OEM applications in the aerospace and defense markets as well as the industrial and commercial fields.


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