System Functions
October 2007
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The EGME system consists of a tap fitted to a valve body, a rotation switch, and a control board that controls all the functions of the hob, resulting in a safe domestic appliance. The standard version controls up to four burners. There is also a version for up to six burners. The valve body is joined to the tap by means of a fast connection. It can also rotate 300°, which makes it highly adaptable to the design of the hob or cooker and makes fitting easier. The switch has been specifically developed for the application and fits perfectly to the surface of the tap cover. It comes ready-wired and can have two, three, four, five, or six elements. The system features a child-lock function, an emergency stop, flame detection, and reignition if the flame accidentally goes out. Maximum operating temperature for the electronic board is 105°C. For safety reasons, the board’s internal temperature is limited to 100°C by means of a negative temperature coefficient thermistor.


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