Hot-Surface Igniters
October 2007
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Using patented advanced ceramic technology, Mini-Lite infrared igniters are extremely robust and as electrically consistent as the larger Glo-Stix. The devices have been designed as an alternative to spark ignition for range-top burners. Low power consumption allows the units to be used with class 2 transformers, and their compact size makes them suitable for areas in which space is limited or access difficult. The igniters’ strength and quality ensure that they meet the needs of new burner technology, making them a logical choice for innovative appliance manufacturers. Developed for lasting durability and service, the Glo-Stix range of igniters is manufactured using a patented silicon nitride material. Their advanced ceramic technology ensures a stable product with electrical properties that other igniters cannot match. The igniters offer intrinsic physical and thermal strength. They reach ignition temperature quickly (some models within 2 seconds) and are designed to replace all silicon carbide or mini hot-surface igniter products.


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