Motorized Valves
October 2007
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The company’s motorized valves are guaranteed to be of high quality, high reliability, and high specification. The MoMo (motor on/motor off) valves are the super-energy-efficient option within the company’s range. Independent testing has proved the valves to be up to 95% more efficient than same-duty spring-return versions. The company’s valves operate only when they change position, resulting in reduced motor “on” times, lower motor temperatures, greater reliability, and improved longevity. Homeowners save energy, and the wear and tear on the valve and its components (such as the synchronous motor) are reduced because of longer deenergized “off” periods. The valves are an excellent choice for all new-build, refurbishment, and upgrade applications. The nonstick slip-seal shoe mechanism not only provides tight shutoff but also enables significantly improved flow rates, reduced pressure losses, and less turbulence within the valve chamber. The mechanism has a patented ramp feature that provides automatic flushing and greater resilience to system contaminants. The company’s technology is available on the traditional three-port spring-return models and the energy-saving option. The motor on/motor off valves are available in two- or three-port models in all popular sizes. Easy to install, the valves can directly replace all other spring-return valves and are compatible with standard Y- and S-plan-type control systems. Wiring colors are identical, and industry-standard body dimensions mean minimal, if any, pipework changes. Changeover thermostats or special relays are not required. A robust manual thumbwheel and valve position indicator help simplify commissioning and system checking. Actuator replacement does not require system drain-down.


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