Test Stations
October 2007
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Standard test stations for gas or electric cookers are composed of two types of equipment: one type for performing electric safety tests and the other for performing leakage and flow tests. Cycle time is influenced by the quantity and quality of the tests and by the test speed, which is based on the testing equipment. Standard test stations include ESTnet (for testing electric safety) and FLM200 (for performing leakage and flow tests). This integrated test station can perform electric safety tests (e.g., earth, strength, insulation, and leakage-current tests); functional tests (e.g., current absorption and power measurement tests); and leakage and flow tests in both air and gas. The base system can be modified to carry out tests on three-phase equipment or tests that require high power. It can also be changed to perform dropout tests and thermostat tests using a thermoregulator. All test systems are managed by dedicated software ESTnet and use a standard embedded Windows platform, offering users high-speed performance and a good operator interface. The test stations can operate in either stand-alone or integrated mode.


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