Wireless Power Technology
October 2007
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eCoupled technology is a wireless power technology developed by Fulton Innovation. The technology uses inductive coupling, or the transfer of energy from one device to another through a shared electromagnetic field, which allows users to charge without wires any device that uses power.

The wireless power technology allows consumers to eliminate bulky, annoying cords and cables that clutter the home and office, present a safety hazard, and are easily forgotten or misplaced. It eliminates all physical connectors, enabling devices to be sealed from the environment, and it reportedly eliminates the risk of shock. The technology has been certified safe by regulatory organizations around the world. It optimizes power transfer through intelligent adaptive inductive coupling, including an intelligent feedback and control system, which communicates with individual devices in real time. The technology adapts and responds to changes in the device being powered or charged and adapts and enables positional flexibility. www.ecoupled.com

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