Safety Tester
September 2007
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The Model 6330 is a six-in-one multifunction electrical safety tester that performs six common electrical safety tests all in a single instrument. The unit provides 3.5 kV of ac hipot test voltage, 3.5 kV of dc hipot test voltage, 30 A of ground bond test current, and insulation resistance measurements up to 1000 MΩ at 1000 V dc. In the functional run mode, the tester can monitor minimum and maximum readings for voltage, current, power, power factor, and leakage current. In the line leakage test mode, the unit has five common measuring devices built in, which allows quick and easy line leakage testing to common agency specifications. The safety tester offers 10 memory locations with 20 steps per memory and a single-step mode, which allows operators to set up and store testing procedures for multiple products in the instrument’s internal memory. The single-step mode allows the unit to perform each test in a setup individually, providing manufacturers with flexibility in configuring their testing procedure.


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