Color-Change Valves
September 2007
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The 2600-019-series color-change valves are said to improve dispensing and operating performance for the user. The line of color-change valve assemblies includes the company’s No-Drip fluid valves for color control. The valve assembly consists of two or more color valves and a flush valve, which allows colored fluids to merge into one manifold and common applicator where a selected color is dispensed. The manifold and applicator are flushed before each new color is introduced. Three design features of the color-change valves are Quick-Change color and flush valves, stainless-steel wetted components, and carbide needles and seats in the color and flush control valves. The quick-change design allows replacement in less than 2 minutes. Stainless-steel materials allow use with corrosive materials, and carbide components ensure longer production life. The valve assemblies accept multicolored paints, coatings, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, PVCs, and a wide variety of other multicolored fluids where one applicator is desired.


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