Epoxy Preforms
September 2007
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Uniform epoxy preforms are available in M5-82, a linear epoxy system that remains flexible under temperature changes. The postcure flexibility of the epoxy improves adhesion to component materials with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion. The epoxy was developed for under-the-hood automotive applications and other environments that require seal integrity under adverse temperature conditions. When heated, the product melts and cures, forming a consistent seal that protects components from dust, moisture, oil, flux, solvents, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. Close tolerances on preform dimensions, consistent premixed ratios of resin to catalyst, and consistent viscosity from beginning to end of batch ensure uniform, high-quality results. The preforms are available in multiple configurations, with outside diameters from 0.035 in. (0.89 mm) to 0.720 in. (18.29 mm). Preforms can be dispensed from 200 to 600 parts per minute. Multi-Seals Inc.

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