September 2007
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The FAN2106 is the first product in the company’s family of TinyBuck dc-dc buck regulators that integrate an advanced analog IC, MOSFETs, and a boot diode into an ultracompact molded leadless package. Measuring 5 by 6 mm, the regulator is the industry’s smallest 6-A, 24-V-input synchronous buck regulator on the market today. The integrated low-profile, small-footprint device consumes approximately 50% less board space than discrete solutions and facilitates greater design flexibility. Furthermore, the regulator achieves up to 95% power efficiency by converting input of 3 V through 24 V to output voltages as low as 0.8 V while delivering up to 6 A output current. It is designed for point-of-load applications including set-top boxes, cable modems, in-cabin GPS, portable medical equipment, LED lighting, industrial instrumentation, and ultramobile PCs, notebooks, and blade servers. The regulator integrates the company’s dc-dc PWM controller with gate drivers, advanced MOSFETs, and a boot diode into a tiny MLP package.


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