Hybrid Tapes with the Benefits of Rubber and Acrylic
September 2007
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The supplier expanded its foam-bonding solutions with the introduction of 4377M and 4380M adhesive tapes. The tapes were originally designed for the automotive industry but are finding applications in other foam-bonding applications that have stringent insulation and sound reduction requirements. The tapes have a high-tack, high-peel, moderate-shear rubber-based adhesive coating on the liner side and a high-tack, low-shear acrylic adhesive coating on the exposed side. They also have a 0.5-mil polyester film carrier to facilitate die-cutting. The adhesive coating has an exposed side of 1.3 mil and a liner side of 1.4 mil. The natural polycoated kraft liner is suited for kiss cutting. The design of these products allows the exposed side of the adhesive to bond to more than 30 popular foam materials, including urethanes, epichlorohydrins, and EPDM blends. The liner side of the adhesive provides superior bonding properties to surfaces such as talc-filled polypropylene, mica-filled polypropylene, and mineral-filled nylons.


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