Load-Creating Gasket
September 2007
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Multi-Swell is designed to be the world’s first self-loading general-service gasket. It creates its own load when it comes into contact with oil or water, virtually eliminating the problem of insufficient load, which is a common cause of gasket failure. The material performs equally well in oil or water, does not degrade in contact with oil, and adapts easily to flange designs, making it an ideal gasket for a range of applications. The cost is said to be comparable to conventional gasket materials. It seals flanges in less-than-ideal conditions, minimizing maintenance. Twice as soft as conventional gaskets, the material is easy to cut and conformable even to irregular flanges, ensuring tight seals with lower loads. The gaskets have very high crush strength and can be installed in applications that would typically crush elastomeric gaskets. In applications such as air-conditioning systems, in which vibration often causes bolt load loss or in which load loss occurs because of bolt relaxation, the gasket counters that loss to prevent leakage and weeping. Because it performs well under low-load conditions, it can be used even with plastic or cast-iron flanges. Garlock Sealing Technologies, www.garlock.com


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