Preventing Fastener Failure
September 2007
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All threaded fasteners may eventually loosen, all have the potential for locking failure, and all fastening points are potential leak paths. Expand-A-Seal ES0105 is designed to mitigate these potential problems. This two-in-one formula is a preapplied, microencapsulated, thread-locking solution that also provides an effective air- and water-tight seal, even under the strain of gas and fluid pressure. Because it contains all of the components of the adhesive needed for activation, it only needs to be applied to either one of any two mating threaded parts for sealing and locking. When the chemical adhesive agent is activated it expands volumetrically by 20–50%, filling gaps and voids within the fastener threads and creating a positive seal against air and many fluids. It effectively fills many gaps that result from the use of oversized fastener threads or fastener deformation that occurs during welding.


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