Application Spotlight: Modular Development of Self-Adhesive Tape Solutions
September 2007
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Self-adhesive solutions made from foam are increasingly used by industry for affixing decorative elements and facings. A new modular concept for the development of double-sided mounting tapes with foam backing is combined with a patented laminating technology to open up new applications in consumer electronics and other industry segments. A construction kit system permits fast and flexible development of custom foam-backed adhesive tapes. The new laminating technology helps produce fast, cost-effective parts, even in smaller quantities and particularly high grades. The construction kit system comprises various foam backings, new acrylic adhesives, and separating liners made of paper or plastic. One example, a foam tape designated tesa 4957 black, was developed for mounting of mirrors or acrylic window panes in the furniture industry, but its high adhesive strength gives it applications in mounting signs, solar cell modules, and other areas.


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