Self-Cleaning Bagless
September 2007
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Two bagless upright vacuums were engineered by Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. (Secaucus, NJ, U.S.) with a system to make cleaning easier and more effective. Models MC-UL671 and MC-UL675 have the proprietary AeroSpin system, which spin-cleans the main filter every time the power cord is pulled from the cord reel. The automatic cleaning helps retain proper airflow and maintain optimum cleaning performance. The MC-UL675 (pictured) is equipped with an onboard electronic dirt sensor system to detect hidden dirt. Color LEDs show the user the current cleaning condition: red means the vacuum is still removing dirt and green means the area is effectively clean. An agitator shutoff control allows safe and effective bare-floor cleaning. Both models have an antistatic dirt cup, reducing the tendency for pet hair and fur to stick to the insides of the dust cup from static buildup.

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