Subminiature Switches
August 2007
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The NL series ultrasubminiature bicolor illuminated switch contains two embedded, independent LEDs with any color combinations of red, green, yellow, blue, and white. At 2 mm in height, the surface-mount switch is designed to work in tandem with other low-profile surface-mount components where height and space are at a premium. It can be used in medical, consumer, instrumentation, computer and computer peripheral, handheld, remote, camera products, or other applications requiring subminiature switching with illumination. The switches offer a 150° LED viewing angle and the series has an electrical rating of 50 mA at 24 V dc and an electrical life of 30,000 cycles typically. With a 160-g force solid detent tactile feedback, the switches are available with actuator travel of 0.5 mm, ± 0.2 mm. Contact resistance is less than 50 mΩ initially, and insulation resistance is greater than 100 mΩ initially. Dielectric strength is a minimum of 100 V rms.


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