July 2007
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The NLD-series free-floating liquid drainer and Venter NAV-series free-floating air venter valves are used on such pressurized air, gas, and liquid systems as hydronic heating systems, cooling systems, and liquid chilling operations. The drainer series will remove liquids from pressurized air or gas systems, and the venter will remove air and other gases from pressurized liquid systems. Available in sizes ½  × ½ in. and ¾  × ½ in. with NPT connections, for pressures to 400 psig and temperatures to 500°F, the float-operated valves are said to be maintenance free and have corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel components, as well as tamper-proof sealed welded bodies that resist freezing. The valves provide automatic, positive shutoff and proper seating under all operating conditions and are reported to instantaneously adjust to variations in flow and pressure. Spence Engineering Co.

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