Ceramic Components
July 2007
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 The company offers miniature, dry-pressed alumina ceramic components from its GBC materials division. Manufactured in outer dimensions ranging from 0.020 to 2 in., the ceramic materials are said to provide a cost-effective solution for demanding applications. Designed for miniature electronic devices, the small pressed alumina components are well-suited for use in telecommunications, appliance, and electronic applications. The ceramic components resist wear and corrosion for longer life and provide excellent material properties, including high electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity. Additionally, the parts are reported to be electrically and dimensionally stable across a wide range of temperatures, up to 1700°C. The company reportedly uses stringent process controls from milling through spray-drying and powder segregation to assure reproducibility and uniformly pressed powder. The ceramic components are manufactured to the shape and dimension required by each customer. The minimum wall thickness is 0.010 inches and the minimum length is 0.008 inches for the parts. Additionally, the components range in purity, from 85% to 99.5% depending on individual needs. Morgan Advanced Ceramics

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