Metal-Forming Simulation Software
July 2007
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Pam-Stamp 2G 2007 is reportedly the virtual sheet metal manufacturing software “value chain” that reduces cost and improves productivity in the tool and die market. According to the company, the latest version has been greatly improved, offering unmatched accuracy and improved usability from feasibility to validation for “full line die” simulation. Advanced capabilities boost the software’s reliability in tool and die design and forming simulation, making it applicable in non-automotive markets. The software offers a unique stamping simulation value chain, from quick stamping die design through early feasibility, to final validation and quality control. The full range of features includes parametric and surface-oriented binder and addendum generation with Pam-Diemaker, rapid and optimal feasibility analysis with Pam-Quikstamp Plus, and highly accurate forming validation, which can provide surface-defect visualization, springback prediction, and automatic die compensation with Pam-Autostamp. ESI Group

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