Plasma System
July 2007
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The dual-head Dyne-A-Mite IT is a blown-ion air plasma system that is said to provide a safe and effective means of cleaning surfaces and raising surface energy to promote adherence and bonding to a wide variety of materials. The system is available in a new configuration with two treating heads. According to the company, two treatment heads powered by a single power supply offer numerous benefits. The treatment heads can be aligned to increase treat width, extend dwell time, or be used to treat multiple angles of complex surface geometries. System users can also take advantage of an optional tri-functional treat switching device that allows the user to use the treatment heads in unison or independently. The unit delivers a high-velocity stream of charged ions to an object’s surface. Through direct contact, the particles positively charge the object’s surface, increasing its surface energy and making it more receptive to inks and coatings. Enercon Industries Corp.

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