Software-Controlled Heating Systems
July 2007
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The company offers optimized heating for lead-free BGA rework, allowing users of the APR-5000-XLS array package rework system to reflow lead-free BGAs without incurring excessive lid temperatures, re-melting soldered joints outside the rework area, warping the PCB, or distorting the plastic bodies of connectors such as RJ45s. According to the company, lead-free BGA rework requires new heating algorithms because peak reflow temperatures are close to the maximum lid temperature of 250° to 260°C recommended by IC vendors and the IPC. The software-controlled heating scheme permits operators to work within the narrow lead-free process window and is easy to use, requiring no additional training or setup time. The rework system has a total of six convection heaters for underboard heating, as well as the upper nozzle for focused heating of the device undergoing rework. The revised heating algorithm allows selected underboard nozzles to be used simultaneously with the upper heater to apply the desired reflow profile only in the area to be reworked. OK International

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