Rotary Potentiometer
July 2007
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The company has developed a 27-mm rotary potentiometer. The Model P270 RoHS-compliant potentiometer features a life cycle of up to 1 million rotations. According to the company, the potentiometer’s robust design allows it to be used in heavy-duty applications. The conductive plastic element’s extended life cycle and the availability of an optional sealed package make the device well-suited for a variety of industrial applications. The panel potentiometers are offered with a dust-proof option, as well as full seal, center tap, and dual gangs. The units also feature a resistance range of 1 KΩ to 1 MΩ and standard tolerance to ±10 percent. Power ratings are 2 W at 70°C, with a maximum input voltage of 500 V dc and dielectric strength of 1000 V ac. Operating temperature range is –55° to 120°C. BI Technologies


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