July 2007
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The company has developed an integrated thin-film, high-directivity coupler that provides a directivity of 20 dB to 27 dB and an ultra-tight ±0.5 dB coupling factor tolerance. Based on the proprietary RFAP thin-film technology, the CP0402P series is said to improve PA gain control in high-frequency applications such as cellular and WiMax wireless system transmitters. According to the company, the new design enables the coupler to provide customers with a superior performing coupler in a rugged 0402 case size. The tight tolerance coupler is offered in a variety of frequency bands and can be utilized for power control of transmitters in cellular, GPS, and wireless communications, which are key features for designers of W-CDMA, WiMax, and WiBro systems. Designed for reliable automatic assembly, the coupler series is available in a land grid array termination, providing low profile, low parasitics, and self-alignment during reflow. AVX Corp.


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