Circular Switch
July 2007
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The SimScroll scroll ring interface is a circular switch array said to mimic the type of capacitive touch switch found on iPods at less cost. The switch is said to make it easy to navigate large menu lists such as those found on universal remote controls, MP3 players, and A/V media system controls. Because it has a one-piece sealed membrane switch, it is also suited to medical and industrial applications. The innovative interface design uses a patented conductive ink technology, SimTouch, with a flexible overlay laminated to the switch circuit. A variety of overlay materials can be used to enhance its appearance for effects such as a smooth glass-like finish or a brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look. Activation pads can be screened directly on the polycarbonate overlay or on an additional polyester layer. The interface is completely sealed against moisture, dust, and dirt. It is actuated with a light touch through conductive circuitry and pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive. The switch is not affected by temperature or pressure changes and can be integrated with flexible segmented displays to create touch panel functionality. White Electronic Designs Corp.


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