Mass Spectrometer
June 2007
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PrismaPlus is a mass spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative gas analysis and leak detection. The combination of high sensitivity, stability, and intelligent operation is said to be the added plus in the unit. In routine operation, the user is said to benefit from a robust, compact design and simple systems integration. Its ability to select mass ranges, detectors, ion sources, and interface options means the unit can be employed in areas such as industrial and analytical environments, research & development, leak detection, semiconductor production, and in coating technology. It is designed to deliver precise and stable results in three different mass ranges (1 to 100, 1 to 200, and 1 to 300 amu) down to a detection limit of 1 × 10–14 mbar. The available Faraday and electron multiplier detectors enable even low-level contamination in the vacuum system to be identified quickly. In addition to displaying scan data and selectable partial pressures, direct attachment of a pressure gauge enables the unit to also accurately monitor total pressure. Pfeiffer Vacuum


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