Crimping Machines
June 2007
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Schleuniger launched two fully automatic crimping machines: the CrimpCenter 64 with four processing stations and the CrimpCenter 65 with five processing stations. Both machines are engineered to offer new processing capabilities with configuration possibilities for crimping, sealing, twisting, and tinning of wires from 30 to 10 AWG (0.05 to 6 mm²). New options are designed to expand the application range and allow for processing of applications such as thin, short, or long wires; zip cords; closed barrel terminals; or hard jacket seals.

The units are designed to address the need for smaller production lots and shorter changeover times. The ToolingShuttle System (TSS) and Plug & Crimp technology are functions said to provide an economical solution to significantly reduce setup time from one crimping station to another. The system allows setup work to be performed while the crimping machine is still producing. Depending on how often customers change applications during production, the supplier says, productivity increases of 30% or more can be achieved.

Toolless quick-lock systems and a simple icon-based touch screen control are designed to make the crimping machines user-friendly, with menu-guided software said to make operator training time short and the risk of incorrect data entry drastically reduced. Critical documentation such as manuals, technical drawings, or spare-parts lists are available in the machine’s software, to minimize downtime. The machines can be networked using standard Internet protocol, so they can simply be tied into existing networks, such as a company’s LAN.



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