Packaging for Fragile Products
June 2007
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TurtlePak is a patented, protective inner pack that utilizes film and corrugated board to firmly suspend fragile products in the center of a container, safely distanced from all sides of the shipper. Typical applications include electronics, medical devices, and climate-control devices. The protective packaging system is now available from the supplier, which entered into a business relationship with AdvancePak Inc., manufacturer of TurtlePak, to provide sales and technical support. The packaging system is constructed with 100% curbsiderecyclable materials, which reduce packaging costs as much as 30% compared with traditional packaging materials. “TurtlePak fits our material-neutral design philosophy and supports our commitment to offering additional sustainable material options to our customers,” said Michael Mettee, northern region sales director for the supplier’s Protective Packaging Group. Tegrant Corp. (formerly SCA Packaging NA) Protective Packaging Group


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