Inverted Robot
June 2007
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The Cobra s800 inverted robot is the only SCARA robot designed exclusively for highspeed packaging with fully integrated vision and conveyor tracking. Designed to make use of available ceiling space, the robot is used for over-the-belt high-speed packaging in multiple industries, including food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, personal care products, and electronics. The ceiling-mounted high-speed SCARA robot features the company’s proven servo controls and amplifiers embedded into the base of the robot. It is controlled by the SmartController CX, which can control up to 24 axes of motion. Its unique design minimizes cabling and reduces the amount of space required inside a control cabinet. Specifications for the robot include an 800-mm reach, a 210-mm vertical stroke, and a maximum payload of 5.5 kg. There is also an IP65 option for use in manufacturing environments that require frequent cleaning of its automation equipment to prevent product contamination during production. Adept Technology Inc.


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