Dual-Arm Robot
June 2007
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The DA20 dual-arm robot is designed to provide high-speed motion with two six-axis arms for enhanced, human-like flexibility of movement. The robot’s design is suited for packaging and other assembly, part-transfer, and other handling tasks that previously could only be done by people. The machine features 13 axes of motion (six axes per arm, plus a single axis for base rotation). The robot has 20 kg (44.1 lb) of payload capacity per arm, a 1870-mm (73.6-in.) reach, and a repeatability of ±0.1 mm (0.004 in.). Both robot arms can work together on one task or the two manipulators can work independently to perform separate tasks. The robot can transfer a part from one of its arms to the other with no need to set the part down temporarily. The unit also provides jigless operation with one robot arm holding the part while the other performs operations on the held part. The robot is controlled by the company’s NX100 robot controller, which features a robust PC architecture, Windows CE programming pendant, and Inform III programming language. Motoman Inc.


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