Presswood Pallets for Shipping to Japan
June 2007
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Under new international ISPM15 standard regulations, those companies that ship into Japan with pallets and packaging materials made from raw wood must mark and treat products according to specific standards. According to the supplier, Inca presswood pallets are an approved exception to the regulations. Wood packaging materials (WPM) made wholly of wood-based products such as plywood, particleboard, oriented-strand board, or veneer that have been manufactured with glue, heat, and pressure, or a combination of those processes, fall outside the regulation and do not require the marking and treating mandated by the regulations. The presswood pallets are particleboard and are said to require neither marking nor treating according to the new Japanese import regulations. To assist its customers in demonstrating the products’ fitness under the new regulations, the supplier can provide a document that certifies the difference between regulated raw wood and the company’s highly processed manufactured particleboard. Litco International Inc.,

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