Disk Laser
May 2007
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The company’s disk laser has 8 kW of power and is known for its characteristic high electrical efficiency and high beam quality at multi-kilowatt laser output. In spite of its high laser power, the unit has a beam quality equal to lasers of less power and its application range is almost unlimited. According to the company, the TruDisk 8002 can process nearly any material including highly reflective materials like copper or aluminum without difficulties. The laser is able to weld 10 mm deep in construction steel with a welding speed of 1m per minute. At an increased welding speed of 20 m per minute the laser can still weld 3 mm deep. Its high processing speed is said to offer several productivity advantages such as shorter cycle times or higher throughput. The disk laser is said to be especially suited for challenging welding tasks on thick sheet metal. Trumpf


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