May 2007
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The company’s range of MPG™ grinders are said to be designed to precisely and automatically regrind punches and dies in order to maintain optimum condition for high quality punch press fabrication. The grinders feature multiple user-specified grinding programs for grinding consistency. According to the company, the grinders are highly accurate and allow for material removal in increments as small as 0.0002 inch to provide precise sharpening and avoid overgrinding. Precise roughing and finishing feed and speed controls are said to ensure optimum grinding conditions for a full range of tooling applications, from the narrowest punch to the largest die. The grinder is available in two versions. The original grinder allows manual adjustment of the grinding wheel relative to the top of the tool component. The newest grinder features a laser sensor to automatically detect the wheel position relative to the tool. Both models feature a fully enclosed work area, which is said to make the units ideal for use in close proximity to punching machines. Each version is equipped with long-lasting CBN grinding wheel for optimal grinding finishes across a wide range of tool steels. Mate Precision Tooling


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