Modular Track System
May 2007
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The MagneMover® DB 1.0 is a new modular track designed to compliment the company’s QuickStick™ linear synchronous motor technology. The track is designed for material handling requirements in the 50 to 500 kg payload range and is the first product in the MagneMover design series. The track system is compatible with the company’s 100, 500 and 500HT QuickStick™ LSM. The system’s small turn radius (1 m) is said to allow it to fit into any manufacturing floor plan and give customers flexibility when designing a factory or warehouse. The design features the company’s patent-pending double-bogie vehicle approach for negotiating curves and merge/diverge points as well as the company’s patent-pending magnetic switching, allowing for instantaneous switching without mechanical actuation. MagneMotion

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