May 2007
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The mini compression latch, which incorporates D-SNAP technology and is marketed under the SNAP-LINE brand, can be simply snapped into place in a prepared panel. The technology is said to dramatically speed up the installation process, because no screws, nuts or tools are needed, which is reported to save up to 90 percent of hardware installation time. The company’s compression latches are said to provide quick and secure closure in applications where compression is required. The smooth function of the compression latch aligns the cam behind the frame. The cam is first turned 90 degrees, then with a continuous turning motion, the actuator pulls the cam towards the frame for secure latching and compression. The compression latches are recommended for use on any sheet metal cabinet. The integral red/green indicator allows a user to quickly identify if the latch is in the closed or open position. When the latch is open, the red indicator is visible. By turning the knob, the cam moves into the latched position and the green indicator appears. Once latched, a further turning of the knob begins compression. The latch provides up to 8 mm of compression. DIRAK

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