2007 Trade Show In Print: BMP America, Inc. - Engineered Textiles and Elastomers
May 2007
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BMP specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered non-woven textile and elastomer related products for use in a wide array of appliance applications. BMP strives to provide the highest quality products and dedicated technical support, from product design through commercialization. Utilizing its vertical integration and product innovation, combined with its global manufacturing locations in Europe, America and Asia, BMP provides its customers with unmatched total customer satisfaction and service.

Dryer drum seals, gaskets, sound absorption materials, and polyurethane tires are a small representation of BMP’s appliance product capabilities.

Manufacturing Processes to Meet Your Precise Requirements

  • needle punching
  • thermal bonding
  • hydroentangling
  • laminating
  • calendaring
  • slitting
  • die cutting
  • liquid impregnation
  • rewinding and wrapping
  • sewing
  • flame treatment singeing
  • polyurethane casting
  • light assembly
  • bottle filling
  • remanufacturing
  • fluid blending

For more information, contact BMP America Inc.; 11625 Maple Ridge Road, Medina, NY, U.S. 14103; Tel: +1-207-623-6463; Fax: +1-207-623-1291; e-mail: prodrigue@bmpamerica.com; Web site: www.bmpworldwide.com.


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