Pliable, Pre-Tempered Steel
April 2007
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Tempered steel from Blue Blade Steel goes through a highly controlled hardening and tempering process said to enable the supplier to selectively modify the internal steel structure to produce material with specialized performance characteristics.  The result is said to be a consistent, bendable, pliable material offering time and cost-saving performance characteristics that eliminate product failures resulting from deformation, stress-cracking and brittleness.

Using the pre-tempered material for parts, wear plates, spring washers, and brackets is said to be more flexible, easier to work with, better at retaining flatness, and producing less waste from deformation during forming and shallow drawing. The pre-tempering eliminates secondary heat treating, a common cause of distortion that leads to irregular and out-of-spec parts, which can result in scrap waste, part failure and performance problems.

The computer-controlled tempering process offered by the company is said to provide material uniformity, consistency and lot-to-lot repeatability. The pre-tempered high carbon and alloy strip steel is offered in scaleless blue, polished blue, polished bright, and polished straw finishes.

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