April 2007
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A full-color brochure from Schober USA highlights the Dragon, a unique technology for converting multi-layered self-adhesive products in a single pass. Detailed in the 8-page catalog is a Central Converting Drum with 5 processing stations to laminate, de-laminate or die-cut materials like film and foil, pressure sensitive paper stock and textiles. The MLPP-5 is said to be ideal for the cost-effective manufacture of high-precision self-adhesive assembly parts, including cell phones and other communication and electronic components. According to the literature, base material width is 5 inches (129 mm) with a finished part width of 4.3 inches (109 mm). Mechanical speeds of 165 feet per minute are attainable with maximum production speed dependent upon the product and processes employed. Processing tolerances of +/- 0.0060 inch (0.15 mm) are standard.

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