Modular Blowers
April 2007
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According to the literature, with 13-SEER and above indoor units growing larger, ADP’s MX Series ModuleFlex™ modular blower offers a solution for space-constraint situations. Matching the company’s most common coil depth at 20.5 inches, the blower is said to offer inventory flexibility for wholesalers. The blower can be installed in any configuration, depending on the coil match. The literature highlights features of the blowers including constant, 3-speed motors; a choice of connections on top or right sides; a slide-out blower assembly; a factory-installed time delay; and a cabinet made from heavy-gauge, embossed galvanized steel to prevent corrosion. The units are also said to be insulated with high-quality glued, foil-faced insulation and be compatible with A/C units only.

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