Automated Rotor Production
April 2007
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TCS RotorOne is a patented system for the automated diecast production of rotors for electric induction motors. The unit is a cold-chamber diecasting machine at its heart, but includes automation that facilitates production of rotors with reduced cycle times. The unit that makes rotors in diameters up to 70-75 mm (2.75-3 inches) can produce rotors at a rate of one every 10 seconds.  The unit that makes rotors with external diameter up to 110 mm (4.35 inches) and stack height up to 200 mm (7.9 inches) can produce up to one rotor every 20 seconds.  The unit is designed to accommodate current and future solutions, including: potential to produce rotors with a lamination stack interlocked or with casting mandrel and close or open slots; potential to inject pure Al (99.5-percent or 99.7-percent) or Al Si alloys; easy stacks loading and rotor unloading, facilitated by the horizontal platen; high productivity, enabled by “sharing” of cycle operations; high rotor quality and dimensional stability, enabled by the low forces applied. Cannon/T.C.S Molding Systems S.p.A.


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