Touch-Sensitive Switch
April 2007
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ActiveTouch switches reportedly deliver high levels of switch, sensor and control system durability, are resistant to physical damage and can be made from just 1/2-inch thick stainless steel. They can also be substantially upgraded and integrated with intelligence to report diagnostic information or adapt to the surrounding environment to ensure uninterrupted operation. The switches have no moving parts, an unlimited lifespan and water or chemical intrusion is impossible. They also are vandal proof, waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, and explosion proof. Thus, they are ideal for the harsh and hazardous environments typical of outdoor, security, medical, and military applications. Other design options include contouring a panel’s front surface to give a finger a positive fit, employing inexpensive overlays to provide a conventional keyboard response which can also be discarded or removed for aggressive sterilization, incorporating Braille legends, and using other locating aids. ActiveTouch switch technology is available in “modular” switches, keypads, and keyboards, or it can be integrated into custom bezels or panels. ITW Switches


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