April 2007
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The IRMCT3UF1 is a fully-integrated high-reliability (HiRel) hybrid motor control module, which enables digital, sensor-free vector control of permanent magnet motors. Based on the company’s iMOTION™ integrated design platform and its greatly simplified approach to code development, the module is said to combine digital control, analog interface and power stage, streamlining time-to-market and increasing design flexibility to accommodate drive system changes in high-reliability applications. The module can be quickly configured to specific applications using the iMOTION ServoDesigner™ tool that facilitates drive parameter modification via memory-mapped registers. The control functions are said to be contained in a powerful, pre-configured Motion Control Engine™ (MCE), and its algorithm accommodates motor parameter variation for compatibility with a variety of brushless DC and permanent magnet AC motors, while creating robust field oriented control. International Rectifier


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