April 2007
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According to the company, the FHP3194 is the industry’s first 1.2 GHz 4:1 analog multiplexer. With an 800 MHz small-signal and 500 MHz large-signal -3 dB bandwidth (at G=2), the multiplexer is said to offer approximately 25 percent higher bandwidth than comparable devices. The unit’s performance is said to make it the only multiplexer on the market with the bandwidth capable of exceeding the high-resolution requirements for high-definition, 1080p and 1080i and PC graphic video signals. With 0.1 dB gain flatness to 90 MHz at 2 Vpp, the multiplexer is said to ensure predictable performance in high-frequency designs. Utilizing the units, designers are said to have the highest performing and most reliable solution for switching and driving high-speed video applications, including HDTVs, test and medical equipment and security systems. Fairchild Semiconductor


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