Air-Controlled Dispenser
April 2007
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The air-controlled dispenser is designed to be highly reliable and accurate. The dispenser is also said to be priced to bring digitally controlled dispensing to all budgets. The SL101 is CE certified and RoHS compliant. According to the company, the controller is easily programmed, user friendly and offers 3 modes of operation (manual, timed and cycle) as well as 10 memory positions to give the user optimum control and flexibility over the dispensing process. The unit is available in 110 and 220 V versions and is suitable for use with a wide range of liquids, from watery ones such as cyanoacrylates to heavy greases. Equipped with suck-back control, the dispenser can help prevent drips after the dispensing cycle. The dispenser comes complete with an accessory kit to facilitate its setup and use. I&J Fisnar


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