AC Fans with EC Motors and a Quieted Blade Design
April 2007
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A range of five-blade fans are equipped with EC motors of up to 3 KW for use in air-conditioning, telecommunications, ventilation, and refrigeration applications. The motors are said to be highly efficient and operate extremely quietly and economically in terms of energy consumption. Integrated electronics are credited with making the fan easy to operate, making it possible to increase or reduce fan speed while using only as much energy as is absolutely necessary. Aerodynamic behavior also plays a significant role in the efficiency of the fans.

For large EC fans, a new blade design allows quieter operation and lower energy consumption. Blade ends have been optimized with wider blade ends or winglets. The fans range in size from a blade diameter of 25 inches to 40 inches (630 mm to 910 mm). ebm-papst Inc.,


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