Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotors
April 2007
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The 207 Series parallel shaft AC gearmotor, designed to be a drop-in replacement for many high-volume OEM applications, is the first in a family of 11 new gearmotor series planned for 2007 introduction.  The American-made gearmotors are powered by 1/20-horsepower, UL- and CSA-recognized motors.  The four standard models in the 207 series offer torque ratings from 42 to 113 in-lbs, with 2 to 29 RPM output speeds at full load current of 1.3 A.  Rated at 115 V, 60 Hz, the series uses shaded pole electric motors with clockwise rotation standard.  The Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) configuration is designed to offer a high output in a compact, 4.94-inch diameter, 7.47-inch long package.  The gearmotor has a 0.625-inch-diameter output shaft and a 150-pound overhung load rating, and offers an integral foot plate mount and a three-point face mount, to allow mounting in any position. Sharq Motion,

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