Hybrid Stepper Motors—High Torque, Small Package
April 2007
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NEMA size 11 hybrid stepper motors are designed to produce high torque in a small, RoHS-compliant package. The compact and lightweight 1.8 NEMA 11, bipolar and unipolar hybrid stepper motors are designed to provide flexibility in limited-space applications. At 28 mm square by 32 mm long, they are said to be one of the smallest stepper motors available that will accurately execute 1.8-degree steps, and they are precision-designed for medical technologies and other applications requiring accurate open loop control for high performance positioning. Other models have stack lengths of 45 mm and 51 mm, and, depending on stack length, the motor can produce maximum holding torques (bipolar) ranging from 42 mNm to 117 mNm. They are capable of 1.8-degree steps (200 steps per revolution) in full-step mode. Nippon Pulse America, www.nipponpulse.com

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