ECM Motors for Severe Refrigeration Applications
April 2007
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The company is addressing increasing demand of energy efficiency in refrigerated appliances with a new line of brushless electronically commuted motors (ECM). The company took steps to assure the motor could serve as a drop-in replacement for the widely used sub-fractional shaded pole fan motor (N Series), and the new motor makes use of the same mounting brackets, shrouds, guards, and fan blades. The company is now introducing its second generation of the motor: the MCE-IP54 series and the MCE-IP65 Long Life series with ball-bearings (pictured). This new fan motor series is designed to address the most severe technical requirements of commercial refrigeration, and it comes with an integrated plastic fan blade for extremely compact dimensions, multiple mounting possibilities (bracket, shroud, guard), enhanced moisture protection (up to IP65, the top in the industry), long life expectancy (over 50,000 hours for the ball bearing model), and up to 65 percent efficiency. Elco Motors Inc.,


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