Brushless DC Motors for Tight Spaces
April 2007
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Brushless DC motor series BLDC25-OR has a 1-inch outside diameter, with lengths from 0.5 inch to 1 inch, for applications where little space is available or cost is a key driver. Applications may include building automation, climate control, office equipment, pumps, fans, and medical devices. The three-phase brushless DC motor includes 3 hall sensors for exact positioning and smooth running. With a 12-pole design, positioning feedback of 36 pulses per revolution without an additional encoder is available. Using advanced brushless DC motor technology means the motor produces a continuous maximum power of 3 W and efficiency values of more than 70 percent. The motors are equipped with two high-end NMB ball bearings to help assure long life. Brushless design means the motor produces no wear or debris from brushes and only a very low RF-noise level, which is said to make EMI problems insignificant. The supplier recommends the motors for replacement of more expensive servo motor systems. Hansen Corporation,


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