March 2007
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The connector from the company allows users to connect individual wires to a single row of contacts by utilizing IDC technology. The 9175 series has a low-profile (3.45 mm) connector that features a small PCB footprint. The connector is ideal for high volume applications for the consumer market. The units are available as a 2- and 3-way IDC connector. A special application hand tool enables quick and easy assembly. Before assembly, the connector is surface-mounted to the PCB. Using the single-wire insertion hand tool, 26 or 28 AWG solid/stranded wires are inserted into the contact slot. The process cuts the insulation and enables the individual conductors of the wire to form a homogeneous joint. The shape of the molding forms a restraint to the wire when fully inserted in the contact. Contact material is of phosphor bronze. Insulation material is high-temperature nylon 46. Parts offer a current rating of 1 A continuous through all contacts at 25°C (ambient), with a voltage rating of 125 V, delivering a minimum insulation resistance of 100 MW, and a maximum termination resistance of 20 mW. Devices operate between -40°C and 80°C. The connector is supplied in tape and reel packing and is RoHS-compliant. AVX Corporation


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