Self-Hold Motor Protector and Thermal Cut-Off
March 2007
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Designed to provide overload and overheat protection in a variety of applications, the company’s model EP42P self-hold motor protector and thermal cut-off is especially suited for use in fractional motors, appliances, lighting equipment, transformers, solenoids, battery chargers, power tools, and electronic systems. The device features a non-self resetting function that reportedly improves operational safety, particularly in appliances with moving parts such as blenders, grinders and vacuums. This “self-hold” function ensures that after the element reaches its pre-set open temperature, the internal heater activates to maintain a self-regulating temperature, thus preventing the switch from resetting until the user disconnects the power. The EP42P incorporates a built-in ceramic heater, which is positioned directly next to the bi-metal sensing switch and reportedly provides efficient insulation and fast response time compared to units where the heater is mounted externally to the thermostat. The PBT resin encased enclosure prevents shorting against motor winding and includes 4-inch length epoxy sealed wire leads. Compact in size, the EP42P measures just 17.0 mm by 7.3 mm by 3.9 mm, offering OEMs a miniature solution for protection against overload and overheating. Selco/ECC


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